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Allen Screws on Engines
Anchors & Chains
Anodes & Cathodic Protection

Bearing Shells & Plain Bearings
Bells, cast brass
Bolts made to Order
Brake Lining
Bulk Bags

Cargo Bags
Cruise Ships

Electrical Motors
Electrical Motors, European
Electrical Utilities
Emergency Air Compressors
Engine Controls
Engine Models
Engine Valves
Expansion Joints

Far East Spare Parts
Fasteners for Brake Bands
Fire Pump with Diesel Engine
Flange Adaptors
Flow Indicator
Fricton Materials
Fuel / Bunker Quality Warning
Fuel Injection Equipment

Garbage at Sea
Gaskets and Plates for Heat Exchangers
Genset Controls

Henry Ford's Ship of Peace
Horns, air
Horns, electrical
How engines work

Industrial Valves

Kobelt Controls & Parts

Laundry Equipment for Ships
Level Switches (Magnetic)
Level Switches for Liquid
Level Alarm and Pump Control
Location Service

Main & Auxiliary Engine

Martime Know-How
Marine Valves
Mooring Lines

OLD Compressor, Purifier and Pump Parts

Pipe Clamps
Pipe couplings
Pipe-Measuring Points + Sensors
Piston Rings
Pressure Transmitter
Public Utilities (Parts + Machinery)
Piston Pump Horizontal
Pumps, Dredge
Pump Makes and Models
Purifiers/Centrifuges/Bowl Assemblies

Scardana Key Words
Scardana Line Card
Scardana Marine Firefighting
Signal, Automation
Signal, Lamps

Skipper/Pilot Chairs
Slings and Lashings
Stationery Diesel Engines
Sterntube Seals
Sulzer Head Rings
Switchboard Instruments

Tank Cleaning
Tank Valves & Tank Equipment
Towing Rope
Turbo Chargers & Parts

Valtorc & US made Valves
Valves, Needle and Gauges

Water Meters
Winch Brake Linings
Wire Rope

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B&W 10V23L-10 B&W63TF 130 B&W GB26MC B&W L59/64
B&W 123/30A B&W 650VT2BF 110 B&W GB560MC B&W L60MC
B&W 123/30K B&W 674VT2BF 160 B&W GB70MC B&W L60MKII
B&W 128/32A B&W 6K67GF B&W GB80MC B&W L60MKIII
B&W 128/32V B&W 6K74EF B&W GF L67GF B&W L65/65
B&W 135MC B&W 6L23/30 B&W GV52/74 B&W L67GB
B&W 16/18 B&W 6L35MC B&W GV23,5/33 B&W L67BGE-S
B&W 17,5-22 B&W 6L42MC B&W GV24/30 B&W L67GFCA
B&W 20 B&W 6L45GFCA B&W GV28,5/32 B&W L70MC
B&W 20MBTH30 B&W 6L60MC B&W GV30/45 B&W L80GF
B&W 20MTH30 B&W 6L67GFCA B&W GVu50 B&W L80GFC
B&W 23,5/33 B&W 6L70MC   B&W L80GFCA
B&W 23/30 B&W 6S26MC B&W K EF B&W L80MC
B&W 23HL B&W 6S35MC B&W K26MC B&W L90MC
B&W 23L23/30 B&W 6S42MC  B&W K42EF B&W L98FF
B&W 23MTBH30 B&W 6S50MC B&W K45GF B&W MC
B&W 24VF37 B&W 6S60MC B&W K45GFC B&W MC SERIES AUX 23/28
B&W 25MTH40 B&W 6T20HH B&W K560MC B&W MCL50MC
B&W 25MTH40-MTM B&W 6T23LH B&W K60MC-E B&W RV VV 52/55
B&W 26MBTH40  B&W 70MC B&W K62EF B&W S26MC
B&W 26R B&W 74VT2BF B&W K67GF B&W S28LH-2
B&W 28 B&W 74VT2BF 160 B&W K67GSCA B&W S28LH-4
B&W 28/32 B&W 74VTBF 160 B&W K70MC B&W S28LH-4E
B&W 28U28LU (2V) B&W 74VTF 140 B&W K74EF B&W S35MC
B&W 28U28P (4V) B&W 750VT2BF 160 B&W K80MC B&W S45HU
B&W 30 B&W 774VTBF 160 B&W K80MC-C B&W S50HU
B&W 32 B&W 7D12 B&W K80MC-S B&W S50MC
B&W 35VBF 62 B&W 7D6 B&W K84EF B&W S50MCE
B&W 35MC B&W 7K80GF B&W K90GF B&W S60MC
B&W 3D12 B&W 7L42MC B&W K90GFC B&W S70MC
B&W 40/45 B&W 7S35MC B&W K98EF B&W S80MC
B&W 400-24 B&W 80MC B&W K98FF B&W SERIES 28
B&W 400-26 B&W 84VT2BF B&W L/V/28/32 B&W T20HH
B&W 42VF75 B&W 84VT2BF 160 B&W L16/24 B&W T23
B&W 42VT2BF B&W 84VT2BF 180 B&W L23/30 B&W T23 HH
B&W 42VT2BF90 B&W 8560MC B&W L23/30A B&W T23 HU
B&W 45MTF 85 B&W 8K74EF B&W L23/30H B&W T23 LH
B&W 490-29 B&W 8L42MC B&W L23/30K B&W T23 LH-4
B&W 490-31 B&W 8L60MC B&W L26MC B&W T23 LU
B&W 5/13 B&W 90MC B&W L28/32 B&W T23H/V23H
B&W 50VBF 90 B&W 950VTBF 110 B&W L28/32A B&W T23HH
B&W 50VF 90 B&W 974VT2BF 160 B&W L28/32H B&W T23LH
B&W 50VT2BF B&W 9K80GF B&W L28/32V B&W T23LH-4
B&W 50VT2BF 110 B&W CH10 B&W L32/40 B&W T23LH-4E
B&W 50VTBF 110 B&W CH12/14 B&W L35MC B&W U28 L-VO
B&W 550VT2BF 110 B&W CHN 18/22 B&W L35MC/MCE B&W U45HU
B&W 550VTBF 110 B&W CHN 36/45 B&W L40/54A B&W U50HU
B&W 55TF 90 B&W CHNSP 18/22 B&W L42MC B&W V23 HH
B&W 60MC B&W DKRN 50/110-2 B&W L45GBE B&W V23 LH
B&W 62VF 115 B&W DKRN 74/160-2 B&W L45GFCA B&W V23 LH-4
B&W 62VT2 BF B&W DKRN 74/160-3 B&W L50MC B&W V23 LU
B&W 62VT2BF 140 B&W DM20 B&W L55GF B&W V28LH-2
B&W 62VTBF 115 B&W DM21MTB30 B&W L55GFCA B&W V28-LH-4
B&W 62VTBF 140 B&W DM26MTB40 B&W L560MC B&W V28/32A
B&W 62VTF 115 B&W EF K84EF B&W L58/64 B&W V28/32H
      B&W VV 52/55